Sunbrella Umbrellas - Are They Worth The Extra Cost?

Published: 23rd February 2011
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Living in Georgia, we experience some very hot summer days that require a cool and comfortable shaded area. In the past we enjoyed the shade provided by several large trees near the pool area - that was until we took the trees down.

We replaced the shade of our trees with a Sunbrella umbrella - even though this patio umbrella fabric costs more than most other outdoor fabrics. Here's why we love this pool umbrella.

1. Great Selection of Colors
I found just the right color for the look I wanted. Sunbrella fabrics come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

2. Fade Resistant
If you plan to keep your umbrella outside most of the time, the hot sun can fade less durable fabric. My daughter purchased a patio furniture umbrella in a deep red that did not use Sunbrella fabric. It faded in one season. Mine still looks like new.

3. Mold Resistant
This outdoor fabric has a protective finish that is water repellent so that when it rains the water beads up on it. We leave our umbrella out year round and even with lots of rain and high humidity, there is no sign of mildew.

4. Stain Resistant
A flowering tree stands nearby and drops it's dark pink petals and later leaves onto the top of the umbrella. Even though the petals stayed on the fabric for some time there were no stains or marks.

5. UV Protection
tight weave. It blocks the sun and provides excellent UV protection. Depending on what color you choose - it can provide up to 98% UV protection. Light colored fabric provides a little less UV protection than darker colors.

To learn more about umbrella sizes, frames and bases go to:

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